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The real estate sector in India has assumed growing importance with the liberalization of the economy. The consequent increase in business opportunities and migration of the labour force has, in turn, increased the demand for commercial and housing space, especially rental housing. Developments in the real estate sector are being influenced by the developments in the retail, hospitality and entertainment (e.g., hotels, resorts, cinema theatres) industries, economic services (e.g., hospitals, schools) and information technology (IT)-enabled services. The real estate sector is a major employment driver, being the second largest employer next only to agriculture. This is because of the chain of backward and forward linkages that the sector has with the other sectors of the economy, especially with the housing and construction sector.


Being a progressive, pro-growth Chamber, ICC is committed to work for the development of the sector through policy advocacy and through leadership by bringing together Industry personnel, Retailers, Manufacturers, and Policy Makers in the sector. The state holders of this Sector could join the Chamber to

  • Become a Participant in the Community
  • Create Networking Opportunities
  • Establish partnership
  • Learn from Other Business Owners