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India has been riding an impressive growth path to emerge as a startup nation. It is home to around 20,000 startups, with as many as 1400 startups commencing operations each year. Particularly, with growth and innovation in the technology landscape, the country is moving toward the creation of innovative startups. In fact in terms of the number of technology driven startups, India ranks third in the world, just after the US and the UK. The top three cities in terms of startups in the nation are Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

As of December 2018, Government has recognized 14000 startups from across 484 districts of India. 1.30 Lakh jobs have been reportedly created by 11,727 startups at an average of 11 jobs per startup. While 55% of the startups are located in Tier 1 cities, 27% are in Tier 2 cities and 18% in Tier 3 cities. Impressive polices, Government’s Vision of a better future and encouragement toward innovation is yielding to the much promising startup ecosystem in India. Resultantly, indicators such as new startups, funding and the number of investors in the country has grown tremendously. 

Prior to the Centre formulating a comprehensive startup-friendly policy, only 4 states in India had their own policies for startups. From that stage we have come a long way where now majority of the states and union territories have designed their own policies. Each state is actively eyeing entrepreneurs to build their startups in their premises. Particularly the enormous spread of internet connectivity and access to technology platforms that has allowed entrepreneurs to establish and run business from any location has brought about a change in the startup scenario. While earlier, the concentration of startups were primarily in IT hubs only such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Gurgaon etc., now the emergence of startups is a pan-India affair. 

In tandem with the national drive for boosting the startup ecosystem, the Indian Chamber of Commerce has been proactively engaged in escalating the startup spirit all over the country. Being headquartered in Kolkata, ICC takes particular pride in bolstering the ecosystem in the East and has been working toward this end over the past few years in terms of providing market connects, funding connects, liaison with the Government and investors and so on. Realizing that the early stage startups need considerable handholding in particular to seamlessly transit to the growth stage, ICC has been aggressively working to provide the necessary support for their up-liftment. 

In order to develop the ecosystem of promoting the startup enterprises in India towards ensuring greater employment generation and all round socio-economic development of the country, ICC has signed Memorandum of Understanding with leading incubators in the country. Additionally, in order to provide budding entrepreneurs with necessary handholding, ICC has brought an opportunity for Indian startups to be a part of the Premium ICC Startup Membership. ICC Startup members can enjoy exclusive ICC business networking & branding opportunities & investor and market connect opportunities through events, workshops, seminars and conferences held round the year, across important national and international destinations. ICC also has a dedicated quarterly newsletter for start-ups– “Startupreneur”. This newsletter is available on the ICC website, ICC social networking sites and also reaches out to the premium ICC membership base, creating a valuable branding opportunity for your organization.