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Fire, Safety Security and Disaster Management

“Emphasis needs to be given not only on invention of modern fire fighting measures, but to practice them in a systematic and timely manner to avoid possibility of catastrophe in times of exigency.”

The Indian economy has shown remarkable resilience in the face of severe global financial crisis. In spite of global economic slowdowns, the growth of Indian economy has been quite decent and modest over the last couple of years.

There has been a surge in the foreign investments and FDI inflows in the country over the last couple of years, courtesy policy liberalization and surge in investment interests. However, in order to maintain this robust economic growth, we need an environment free from major risks.

Indian security industry is today at an interesting juncture especially with the Government focusing on development of ‘Smart Cities’ across India. The proposed cities to have infrastructure and buildings fitted with modern amenities aimed at making the place a ‘safer place to live in.’ This itself promises an opportunist future for the Indian security industry with a lot of potential to tap the latent demand of the future security market. With proper co-ordinations, better capital mobilization system, further strengthening capacity building programs- both for disaster management professionals as well as for general people, disaster relief and management operations can be undertaken easily.

Against this backdrop, ICC has embarked on an initiative to create a common platform viz., India Fire Excon for threadbare discussion on various issues pertaining to fire safety, security and disaster management.

Following are the major focus areas of India Fire Excon:

The focus areas of the programme would be:

  • New life saving safety measures
  • Loss minimisation in fire incidents
  • Knowledge sharing to mitigate fire risk
  • Appraisal of latest globally accepted fire safety techniques
  • National & international legislations and standards on fire safety
  • Duties & resposibilities of stake holders

This Department is headed by Soma Mukerji.