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The provision for adequate infrastructure is backbone of any economy. It is known fact that inadequacies in the existing infrastructure have been a major area of concern for a number of decades. Several reforms have already happened across various sub-sectors of infrastructure including, roads, airports, ports, power and urban utilities and we have made some progress however much remain to be achieved to sustain and enhance economic growth.

Eastern India can be the flag bearer in many sectors of Indian economic growth in next decade. This would require a roadmap for development of excellent physical infrastructure in Eastern India – power generation and distribution, railways, roads, ports and airports.

In this regard, Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) tried to galvanize the intellectual capital of this region, with support of concerned governments and industry to delineate objective driven action points for Infrastructure development and their implementation

ICC aims to broadly cover the following theme in the sector

  1. To enhance policy and regulatory framework to boost investor confidence in the infrastructure sector
  2. To explore new potential areas in order to provide financial assistance to the infrastructure players
  3. To discuss, how to deal with financing crunch to strengthen the faith of industry player in the infrastructure sector
  4. To find a way around to turn excruciatingly slow pace of infrastructure improvements at the ground level
  5. To encourage Public Private Partnership in the process of developing world class infrastructure
  6. To study the state of art construction technologies and best practices in the sector