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The State of Odisha inherent to its location and natural resources has tremendous potentialities to create ample opportunities in small businesses in various sectors. It is located between the parallels of 17027’N and 22034’N Latitudes and Meridians of 81027’E and 87029’E longitudes.

It has a coastline of about 480 kms. Administratively it has 30 districts, 3 Revenue Divisions, 58 sub divisions, 51061 villages and 127 urban centers.

Odisha’s economy continues to be on a high growth trajectory. Diversification of economic activities has led to a visible structural shift from an agriculture based economy to an industry-led and service-led economy in Odisha. The State economy has witnessed high growth rates during the last decade. In real terms and at 1999-2000, Odisha reported an average annual growth rate of 9.51 percent for the 10th Five Year Plan against a target of 6.20 percent. The economy grew in real terms at 2004-05 at the rate of 8.23 percent during the 11th Five Year Plan.

Growth story of Odisha:
  • 20% of the Steel Making capacity of India
  • More than 50% Aluminium Smelting capacity of India
  • One of the Power Surplus States on the path to become the Power House of India
  • Odisha has been one of the top three States for attracting investment in the last decade in India
  • The economy of Odisha has grown @ average 9.00 % in the last decade, higher than national growth rate
  • The capacity addition in various key sectors in the last decade has ranged from 3.5 to 12 times
  • Odisha achieved the highest poverty reduction in the country during 2004-2010 (20.2 percentage points)
  • The literacy rate of Odisha has increased by 10 percentage points from 63.08 percent in 2001 to 73.45 percent in 2011
  • Odisha has a rich cultural heritage and offers fascinating tourist attractions, including a myriad of monuments, beach resorts, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, flora and fauna and national parks and sanctuaries. Most tourists to Odisha come from West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. During 2010-11, they constituted 14 percent and 3.50 percent of all tourists respectively from India, including those from Odisha. France, UK and USA were the major tourist generating markets from overseas during 2011, and nearly 54 percent foreign tourists came from Western Europe.
Policy Initiatives:
  1. Draft Odisha Industrial Policy 2014
  2. Odisha Industry Facilitation Act 1994
  3. Public –Private – Partnership(PPP) Policy for infrastructure development in the State
  4. New ICT policy for promotion of IT / ITES & Hardware Industry in the State
  5. State Agriculture Policy 2013
  6. Odisha MSME development Policy 2009

The ICC Odisha State office has been working pro-actively towards creating a conducive and sustainable environment to enable social, industrial and economic growth of the state through policy advocacy and consulting services. ICC Odisha State Office has also taken various initiatives with a view to extend all possible services to our Members and Industry Players to enhance their competitiveness. The ICC Odisha State Office, has been functioning efficiently, and building meaningful synergies among Industry and Government by addressing strategic issues of regional and national significance.

ICC Odisha State Office Major Initiatives:
  1. Seminar on Interplay between Competition Law and Consumer Protection Rights – 25th December, 2010
  2. India International Crop Summit – 10th January, 2011
  3. Forum on Pathways for Low Carbon Development in Orissa organized by Indian Chamber of Commerce and British Deputy High Commission – 2nd February, 2011
  4. Industry-Academia symposium organized by ICC and XIM-Bhubaneswar – 25th February, 2011
  5. India International Organic Forum – 12th March, 2011
  6. Waste Management Conclave – 10th June, 2011
  7. ICC MSME Summit 2011 – 12th July, 2011
  8. ICC Banking and Capital Market Summit – 3rd December,2011
  9. ICC Education Summit 2012 22nd – September, 2012
  10. 1st ICC Minerals & Metals Conclave 2013 – January 2013
  11. Session on Union Budget Analysis – 4th March, 2013
  12. Launching of American Business Corner & Workshop on “Cold Chain – Preventing Post-Harvest Loss of Value – 8th March, 2013
  13. Committee Meeting of ICC Odisha Committee and Interactive session with His Excellency Zhang Lizhong, Consulate General, People’s Republic of China – April 13, 2013
  14. Horticulture & Food Processing Conclave 2013 – 9th May, 2013
  15. Switzerland – a competitive International Business Location – June 6, 2013
  16. E. Mr. Prasittidesh Vichitsorasatra Consulate General of Royal Thai – 6th July 2013
  17. MSME Summit Cum Expo 2013 – 26th July, 2013
  18. Round Table Meeting with Ms. Kalpana Reddy, First Secretary, Intellectual Property,Embassy of the United States of America – 13th August, 2013
  19. TRANSPORT Infra Odisha – 2013 – 24th September, 2013
  20. Interactive Session With H.E. Mr. Michael Mullins, Consulate GeneraL, US Embassy – 25th November, 2013
  21. HealthCare Conclave 2013 – 3rd December, 2013
  22. 2nd Edition Minerals & Metals Odisha Conclave 2014 – 28th February, 2014
  23. New Companies Act and CSR Symposium 2014 – 6th May, 2014
  24. ICC & Business Standard Seminar on:Powering Odisha through Skill Development – 26th May, 2014
  25. Meeting with H.E. Mr. Wang Xuefeng Consulate General of People’s Republic of China – 21st June, 2014
  26. New Companies Act and CSR Symposium 2014 – 6th May, 2014
  27. Odisha Energy Conclave 2014 31st  July, 2014
  28. MSME Summit & Expo 28th October,2014
  29. Transport Infra Odisha – 23rd December,2014
  30. Mineral & Metal Conclave – 9th February,2015
  31. Promotion of Food Processing Under Fisheries & – 10th March,2015 Animal Husbandary
  32. Corporate Governance & CSR Symposium 13th May,2015