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The consumption patterns of the residents of Agartala have evolved considerably since the expansion of the city and the corresponding rise in population; previously, major consumption took place once a year, during Durga puja, while during the rest of the year consumption took place largely only for special occasions like marriages and birthdays. Nowadays shopping has become fashionable for everyone in Agartala.The opening of the city center, malls had increased the demand of purchasing goods to the people here.

The buying is decided and the instances of impulse buying are moderately high as compared to the past decades. The city center is a substitute for a mall, another is the Battala supermarket which is also one of the main hub of markets of Tripura. Brands like Titan, Fastrack, Reebok, John Player, Lee,Adidas, Puma, Nike, Levis had opened.National Highway 8 , connects Agartala to Assam and the rest of India by road, also known as the lifeline of Tripura. The highways (NH44, NH 44A) connect Agartala with Silchar (317 km), Guwahati (599 km), Shillong (499 km), Dharmanagar (200 km) and Aizwal (443 km). A bus service connects it to Dhaka (150 km).

  • National Highway 44 (India) – Connected to Tripura to Shillong and Mizoram (NH 44A)
  • National Highway 44A (India) – Connected to Tripura to Mizoram

Agartala is well connected by road to other parts of Tripura state. National Highway 44 has been extended to the south, thus improving the road connectivity between Agartala and south Tripura. Buses, Jeeps, Trekkers and SUVs are the most common public carriers, and cars and vans are usually used for private hire. The highway passes through hilly terrains, while travelling from the city towards the North one can experience the lavishing and lush green Baramura Hill Range, Atharamura Hills and the Longtharai Hills and while moving towards the South Debatamura Hills can be seen.