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Being a Chamber which believes in placing India firmly on the global economic map, the ICC constantly strives to build international partnerships, networks and co-operation mechanisms for facilitating necessary trade & commerce exchanges between India and the rest of the world. The Chamber has special focus upon creating effective economic bridges with South Asian and the South-East Asian countries or the ASEAN region, in sync with the Govt. of India’s ‘Act East’ Policy, and has forged strong alliances with Industry, Government, Institutions , Development Agencies & Chambers in these countries through various Delegation Exchanges, Interactions, mega Trade Show and Conferences , over the years. As the Nodal Chamber for the North-East, the Indian Chamber has rightfully created synergies between India and her Asian neighbours, by positioning the North-East region as the Gateway, through strategic initiatives in key sectors. As the world gets more and more integrated through increasing trade , commerce & investment flows and linkages, the ICC as a forward-looking Chamber, recognizes that for making India globally competitive, it has to continuously adapt itself with the dynamic changes of the world economy.