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This is a body within the fold of Indian Chamber of Commerce (ICC) dedicated to the mission of extending institutional service for the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) of commercial disputes. It administers, oversees and conducts arbitration and conciliation proceedings according to the institutional rules framed by Indian chamber of Commerce, as modified from time to time, in tune with the changing legal framework and needs of the business community.

The Arbitration Rules of Indian Chamber Council of Arbitration (ICCA) is the backbone of the secretariat acting for institutional arbitration, keeping the parties informed concerning all the steps taken in the neutral and independent administering of the cases on a day-to-day basis and providing the benefits of a quick, efficient and inexpensive mechanism for dispute settlement.

Following ICC’s MOU with the Council of State Governments, USA to launch the implementation of a comprehensive ADR initiative in India, ICCA has planned to launch a series of ambitious initiatives directed towards improving specific aspects of arbitral services offered by ICC and intensifying its involvement in improving imminent issues in dispute resolution.

ICCA is conducting both national and transnational arbitrations keeping pace with its reputation as one of the most prominent Institutional ADR service providers in India. In addition, ICCA also administers the cases referred under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris. It also offers advice on drafting contracts, organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops to educate and prepare arbitrators, and spreads awareness by conducting awareness programs in alliance with the leading organizations of prominence.

ICCA Rules may please be uploaded for ready reference of the intending parties.

This Department is headed by  Mr. Alok Kumar Chattopadhyay